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Hello Kitty bag and scarf.


You will need:

2 balls of 100% cotton / 125m = 50 gr / pink

1 ball of 100% cotton white

1 ball of 100% cotton yellow

1 ball of 100% cotton red

black yarn for eyes


Bag has 20cm x 22cm.


We start with white yarn - cat Hello Kitty:

start with 10 chains

1.row: start with single crochet into second chain from hook, continue with 8 sc, into the last chain crochet 3 sc, fron the other side 8 sc, row ends with slipchain

2.row: chain, sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, 7sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, 2 sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, 8 sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, sc, row ends with slip chain

3.row: chain, sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, 9 sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, 1 sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, 9 sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, 1 sc, slip chain

4.row: chain, 2 sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, 9 sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, 4 sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, 9 sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, 1 sc, slip chain

5.row: cahin, 2 sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, 10 sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, 5 sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, 10 sc, 2 sc into one sc from last row, 2 sc, slip chain

6.row: cahin, 2 sc, hdc, dc, 6x tdc into one sc from last row, dc, hdc, 5 sc, dc, 6x tdc into one sc from last row, dc, hdc, 21 sc, row ends with slip chain, tear off.

We finished Hello Kitty, you can use it as application for trousers, for shirt, for bags... 

With red yarn crochet with sc around, tear off...........

Continue with ping yarn:

3chain, dc into one sc from last rowds , 2chains, slip 2sc, 2hdc, 3chain /corner/, slip 2sc, 2hdc into one sc, 2chain, slip 2sc, hdc and dc into one sc, chain, slip sc, 2dc into one sc, chain, slip sc, 2dc into one sc, chain, slip sc, dc and hdc into one sc, 2chain, slip 2sc, 2hdc into one sc, 3chain, /corner/ slip 2sc, 2hdc into one sc, slip 2sc, 2chain, 2dc into one sc, chain, slip sc, 2dc, chain, slip sc, 2dc into onesc, chain, slip sc, 2dc, 3chain /corner/ 2dc into one sc, chain, slip sc, 2dc into one sc, chain, slip sc, 2dc into one sc, chain, slip sc, 2dc into one sc, chain, slip sc, 2dc into one sc, chain, slip sc, 2dc, 3chain /corner/ 2dc into one sc, chain, slip sc, 2dc into one sc, sc, slip sc, 2dc into one sc, chain, slip sc, row ends with slip chain.


 For bag we need 4 of these shapes.


Cats are ready.

Other shape: start with 6 chain, make round:

1.row: 4chains instead of first treble crochet, 2x treble crochet, 2chains, + 2x treble crochet, 2 chains + pattern between + repeat six more. Round ends with slip chain. At the end of row we have 8 která nahrazují první 2x nahozený dlouhý sloupek, 2x nahozený dlouhý sloupek, 2řetízková oka, +2 2x nahozený dlouhý sloupek, 2 řetízková oka+ vzor mezi + opakujeme ještě 6x, řadu končíme pevným okem, celkem máme 8 pairs of treble crochet.

2.row: red, 4chain instead of frirt treble crochet, 3x treble crochet, chain, + 4x treble crochet, 2 chains + patter between + repeat 6 more, row ends with slip chain. Together we have 8 couples from 4 treble crochet :

3.row: pink, start with 4 chains instead of first treble crochet, 2 treble crochet, + 2chain, in next loom 3 treble crochet, 3 chain /corner /, in same loom 3 treble crochet, 2 chains, 3 treble crochet + patter between + repeat 3 more, row ends with slip chain.

4.row: single crochet around, at the same time we join on next square:

jooin them together with slip chain, then two single crochet, and next slip crochet join together..continue around. If you dont want to join them together, you can sew them when you get ready all the square.


Sew eyes, nose and whiskers.

On the top make 8 rounds with single crochet and last row with pickots / + 5single crochet, 3 chain, sinlge crochet in first chain /+ pattern between + repeat






added 4. 8. 2008


Amy, added 12.7. 2011, 17:24:54
I love the pattern! But could you explain to me how to do the "6x tdc" in row #6?

B, added 26.7. 2011, 8:58:56

i feel like this girl may have stolen your pattern for the hello kitty... its so similar to how this is almost word for word and it was only posted this year... i'm sure she could have thought up the same thing but what are the chances of that?

m8248424559j, added 20.9. 2011, 5:42:21
Why would you post that, she mentions getting the idea from here. <img src="/sm/s18.gif" class="smajl" alt="smajl18" /> <br />I love your bag though and thanks for sharing the pattern!

Grace, added 22.9. 2011, 5:23:29
How do you make the bottom of the bag?

CREYES1, added 28.1. 2012, 3:45:26
TRANSLATE PLEASE: 1.row: 4chains instead of first treble crochet, 2x treble crochet, 2chains, + 2x treble crochet, 2 chains + pattern between + repeat six more. Round ends with slip chain. At the end of row we have 8 která nahrazují první 2x nahozený dlouhý sloupek, 2x nahozený dlouhý sloupek, 2řetízková oka, +2 2x nahozený dlouhý sloupek, 2 řetízková oka+ vzor mezi + opakujeme ještě 6x, řadu končíme pevným okem, celkem máme 8 pairs of treble crochet. <img src="/sm/s13.gif" class="smajl" alt="smajl13" /> <img src="/sm/s13.gif" class="smajl" alt="smajl13" /> <img src="/sm/s13.gif" class="smajl" alt="smajl13" /> <img src="/sm/s13.gif" class="smajl" alt="smajl13" />

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For a lot of businessmen in addition to their affiliate marketers, travel is surely an important the primary business. It's within vacationing they obtain the opportunity to satisfy traders, clients in addition to promote their very own company. Many organization executives choose to meet their very own prospective clients outside their property country to be able to impress them all. These will be the businessmen that prefer to show aside their travelling capacities. Aside from businessmen, some typical women additionally often travel a good deal nowadays., (web), added 27.9. 2016, 9:43:32
A home loan term life insurance is another kind of an insurance policy under that an guarantee is provided for the person obtaining the insurance protection that their mortgage loan will probably be covered in case of a unpredicted disability as well as death in the person. A term life insurance mortgage provides the chance for your lender in the loan to guard the quantity he’s lent for the borrower., (web), added 27.9. 2016, 9:43:47
There’s a growing technology impact that’s between the future. There may also be no mistake that individuals do need while using robotics systems curriculum to obtain us started. Many in the youngsters that are on university, college and so forth is capable of use the particular robotic technologies to obtain on together with things inside life.

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Education is the key to the success of any community. A community can be well developed and the people can be well trained if the people of the place is well educated. In order to educate people, they have to be writing a lot of writing works. smajl18 smajl12

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